At Barnes, constant innovation leads to ballistic perfection. Since 1991, we've employed aerospace technical abilities in our manufacturing process.

Today, we're taking accuracy and on-game effectiveness to new levels with VOR-TX LR. It's optimized to deliver stunning performance at close range and well past 700 yards. As pioneers of all-copper hunting bullet technology, we are driven to achieve an unrivaled combination of precision and devastating terminal results. A reputation born of extensive testing and countless hunts.

Proudly creating the most technologically advanced hunting bullets and ammunition on the planet.


Barnes Ammunition

ag什么电子好玩VOR-TX Rifle

ag什么电子好玩VOR-TX LR Rifle

VOR-TX Hunting Handgun

VOR-TX Safari


ag什么电子好玩VOR-TX Euro

Precision Match

Ranger AR™

VOR-TX Expander Tipped Slug